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14 February 2011 @ 07:24 pm
About Puerh Tea Blending  

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About Puerh Tea Blending

Many tea lovers ask, "Single blend or multiple blends, which one is better?"

What you have to know is that tea leaves grown from different mountains have their own characteristics. Tea leaves from certain mountains provide good aroma. Some are major in water quality. Some are good at aftertaste and some may contain necessary bitterness and astringency. In fact, it is possible to have all these good tea characters in a single blend tea leaves. But it is just not economically feasible. Such raw tea materials must be outrageously expensive and without satisfactory quantity for huge market demands. Usually, these ultimate perfect raw tea materials are just enough for compressing a thousand numbers of tea cakes which are far less than the quantity demanded by the markets.

The advantage of a blended tea cake is to enlarge the good characteristics of tea leaves from individual mountain and reduce certain drawback by an appropriate blending ratio of each individual raw materials. This needs experience. A well blended tea cake will showcase its rich, tasty and marvelous tea broth sensation and aftertaste. This is the beauty of tea blending.

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