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I'm back! And I made tea!

Because Vietnam does not (yet) block access to Livejournal, I can finally moderate the forum I moderate!

I bring good news. I spent just under a week in Xishuangbanna and made three tea cakes! I had a blast making the wrappers and neifei, visiting the villages on the mountains and finding the maocha for these teas, and having them pressed. It's an experience I'll never forget! And how could I with roughly 35 kilos of tea to show for it?

Looking Lab-a-licious at Nannuo Shan Tea Factory

I believe I'm only the third American to make his own pu'er tea, after Mike P. and Toki...certainly I'm the first to do so on Nannuo Shan! Well, maybe not for certain. Well, I feel historic even if it's not true. :]

My Private Label Nannuo Shan Pu'er 1
[the wrapper. in case you couldn't tell whose cake this is...]

Two cakes are from Nannuo Shan (one lao shu cha, one xiao shu cha "bush tea"), both packed with Nannuo-specific flavor. I'm happiest with these two cakes. The lao shu is 357g, the xiao shu is 400g. Best of all, with the raw material prices so high, I doubt tea like this will be available on the market at a price where I could afford this quantity of this quality.

My private label pu'er, Nannuo Shan Xiao Shu Cha
[xiao shu cha bing. for some reason, i didn't remember to get a picture of the da shu cha bing!]

My private label pu'er - xiao shu cha from nannuo
[xiao shu bing closeup]

The third cake is a mini-bing of blended lao shu and xiao shu tea from Youle:


I also have videos from the factory posted on youtube, for your viewing pleasure. Just a lot of weighing, bagging, pressing...

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

I'll be posting a full report on the process here eventually. Sadly, preparing for crossing the land border to Vietnam prevented me from any extensive pr0n shoots after the tea was made. A perusal of my flickr will yield more results: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonf

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