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Would you like discuss tea blogs or the price system of various teas? 

The teablogs, as another blogs are the essence of the new global ideology: the egoism. How otherwise would you know, who is this "half dipper" or tea logic and other  expert writers. It can be interesting when the blogger have style, or very informative as Clouds or Marshall for ex.. Incidentally I am not interested to know how many seconds was the 3 or 13th infusion how was the parameters of the preparation of tea of someone in Gibraltar. The essencial style of this blogs is "the intelligent keep distance" from the subject, because distance means "I am neutral, scientific and very expert." 

With this distance it is easy to say: "not bad or good tea, or beautiful wine.  At the same time this autors for good and all remains untouched from the subject and we readers can admire only the photos of the sunset with the girl. (See the citated blog).To be precise, reading this blogs we are witnesses of public learning of  tea practicing. 

   420 years ago at the Great Kitano Tea Gathering Toyotomi Hideyoshi invited people (warrior attendants, town peoples, farmers and even those of lower station (!) from all around Japan indicating seven points for the partecipants. ( Hideyoshi served himself tea to 800 people)

"All earnest practitioners of chanoyu   should bring a kettle and a drinking bowl. Those without tea (matcha - powdered green tea which was available only at very high prices) will not cause offense by using kogashi  - powdered toast rice and parched salt. "

Don't use good tea for your practice, when you even not able to appreciate it. You can begin with kogashi. 


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