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Benchmarking a good puer tea.

Recently, I have met up with a local tea connoisseur to discuss how to benchmark a good puer tea.
For this forum discussion sake, I will try to list down a few points that the connoisuer had highlighted. You may agree or disagree, but please comment as I am trying to understand if the tea connoissuer are giving me the correct facts .
1) Comfort- a good tea should give a comfortable feeling when you drink it . The least comfortable feeling indicates the tea will have a heavy tanine acid content.

2) The Body of the tea - A good tea will have a full body feeling when the tea is consume.There is a saying that the body of the tea depends on the location of the tea is planted. The higher the altitude the more body the should have . this character could be explain by comparing a soup that was boiled for an hour compare to a soup that was boiled for  8hours.

3)Thickness of the liquor -  the thickness of the tea will mark the age of the tea tree.The older the tree the thicker of the tea liquor.

4) Lasting of the tea aroma and the sweetness of the tea.- a high grade tea will be able to have a longer lasting effect .the lower grade will have not much lasting power.there are instances that a good tea could last for an overnight after the consumption.

5) Smoothness of the tea- a good tea should be able to give a smooth feeling when drinking . a "rough" tea will give the throat a "dry" feeling.

6) Lightness of the tea. the higher quality the lighter the tea will be . There are cases that when a tea liquor will be like tasteless initially when being drank. However the aroma of the tea will then comes back from within . 
According to the connoisseur only a handful tea in the market will have this revolving effect . (Personally I have tried a tea like this which is the 70s yellow label). 

7) Purity - a good tea should not have much impurities taste. A single bud with two leafs should be preferred for a high quality tea.
The purest form a highest quality tea should be from a single hill and and its should be within an attitude of the hill.There is also another way of looking into this character. The more livelier the tea the lighter tea will be . an example is that all cook tea is dead and heavy.

8) The release the aroma of the tea.  A good tea will able to elope the whole mouth and the throat with its aroma. It is also one way to compare tea quality . For an example if you drink one tea after another, the better tea will dominates your taste and aroma in the mouth. You will starts to rejects the tea that is inferior.
Please add in comments to prove the theories given by this friend of mine are correct . Thanks. 

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