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Changtai Ancient Tree Yi-Wu mini-beeng

Just received this cute little "fun size" mini beeng (100g), apparently made from unblended ancient tea tree Yi-Wu material and compressed by the Changtai tea factory in 2005. The beeng has a smell that can be best described as melancholic, I felt that the tea had a kind of relaxed attitude about being steeped.

After two initial rinses with below boiling water the tea began to produce reasonably colored 15s infusions with a pleasant sweet aroma, some expected bitterness and a kind of feint earthy and woody sweetness I can't quite put to words. Later switching to 40s infusions the tea tailed off with an increased woody earhy aroma and a slightly deeper color. I have to admit the tea managed around eight or so infusions, perhaps it could have managed more if not for the initial rinses.

The steeped leaf is quite pleasing in size distribution, but there are a few stems as you can see below. Overall my impression about this beeng is mixed, I am not sure if and how it will age - it does seem to have a very "relaxed" feel; but there is some interesting flavors I've not seen in other young sheng that make it interesting. This beeng is available from Yunnan Sourcing LLC as item 4452760436, they also have a 1kg pack listed.

Ofcourse, what I am more interested in is understand what kind of differences there are between the various famous mountains (Yi Wu, Banzhang, Yi Bang etc) and areas (Lincang?). By the way does anyone know how the 6FTM beeng grades (1 to 6) correlate to their colors for the color series?
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