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Travelling to Yunnan

Hi Folks, I've got the once in a decade (once in a decade for me at least) opportunity to travel to Yunnan. Xishuangbanna is on the itinerary, of course, but I don't know where in that region I can go see the tea first hand. This has been a dream of mine, to go see a real tea plantation or tea producing area, well, for over a decade now. I've got only two days, so I've got to make them count. It would probably be good to avoid the kind of places where all of the Chinese tour groups go with their little matching hats. Somewhere quiet would be better. I don't really plan on buying puer (unless somebody here recommends some friend or trusted seller) because I figure that if there's one place to get ripped off buying tea, it's in a tourist/ tea producing area like Banna. Plus, I can buy all the puer I want down the block from my house in NE China. It would just be nice to meet some of the people who grow/pick/produce puer and enjoy a cup or two. This forum really has some impressive figures in the puer tea world, so it is a really wonderful opportunity to ask this question. Even though I leave on June 17, I'm sure that others in this forum, who have an opportunity to travel to Yunnan, would also benefit from any travel suggestions that members have no matter when they post them.

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