warwickb (warwickb) wrote in puerh_tea,

Poo-poo Pu-erh

Recently experienced an interesting tea tasting episode.It happen as I was running out of old Pu-erh tea.Contemplating the inevitable situation I sunk into a depress state of mind, just as I was going to console myself with a bottle of Moutai I thought I will have one more look in the tea cabin and their it was right at the back, a jar of Poo-poo Pu-erh.
The next day I took it to work where I had a little cake of old Pu-erh Tea (-25 years).I brought some spring water to a full boil,and wash the tea and left it to open up, after a few moments I open the Poo-poo Pu-erh an mix about a tee spoon full.It stuck to tea like bread crumb to a chicken leg.After I brew it I pour it in to a tea jug(no filter)and let it settle for about five minutes then pour it.The sublime taste was like earth mix with honey,I could feel it long after my first sip, deep in my chest rich but slight,smooth and perfectly balance.I notice that my body was cooling and the chi was balancing it lasted four about five hours.The tea had no edge or comedown it just merge with the environment .If you want to cool the inner body I recommend Poo-poo Pu-erh.

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