Linda Louie (llouie) wrote in puerh_tea,
Linda Louie

Taidi Cha vs. Gushu Cha

The leave source is an important factor to determine the quality of a Pu-erh tea. If you compare a Taidi Cha (Pu-erh made from the plantation bushes)with a Gushu Cha (Pu-erh made from the old growth trees), the difference is obvious. To allow Pu-erh lovers who have never been to Yunnan to understand the different cultivation methods of these trees, I made a video of the different types of tea gardens. To view, click to

Rcently, the government of some areas are pushing to convert all the Taidi plantation into eco-tea gardens, meaning making the bushes less dense and planting other trees in between the tea bushes. Most importantly, to stop using fertilizers and pesticides. Time will tell how successful this movement will be.

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