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Dadugang 2003 King Tea Biscuit

Sample courtesy walt_park


Year: 2003 (April)
Producer: Longyuan Hao (Dadugang)
Region: Menghai Area
Buy it at: Yunnan Sourcing (whole cake - 2005 version)
Leaf: Small, not tightly compacted leaf (in my sample). Lots of silver buds.
Infusion Parameters: 6g in 120ml gaiwan. 10s rinse, 60s+ rests, 15s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 35s, 45s, 60s, 75, ...

Flavor Notes:
1: Rich, biscuity, like white tea with a kick. Light--not in a mild way, but in a not weighty way--and nice. Absolutely no smoke; clear liquor. Very enjoyable.
2: Bitter, but still tasty beyond the bitterness. Buttery biscuits! Yinzhen, lingering aftertaste. Florals fighting to gain a foothold, but defeated.
3: Muscatel and bitterness. Like a darjeeling first flush. Minty after effect.
4: More darjeeling muscatel, over roses.
5: Same, astringent.
6~10: Same, darjeeling fades and leafiness gains. Astringency increases.

Delicious--but is it pu'er? Were this a white tea, I'd rate this excellent. But it's a pu'er, and it's supposedly ~3 years old, and I can't figure what age might have done to this, or what this might have tasted like when fresh.

Not a clue.

Would I buy this tea?:
Maybe. If I needed white tea. I would recommend this as a good first pu'er, particularly for fans of white tea.

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